Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers event
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Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers guide and rewards list (June 2024)

Race to the end and get some free stickers!

Monopoly GO’s Tycoon Racers event made its grand debut worldwide on June 12, 2024. Although it’s been available in select regions for some time, everyone now has the chance to race around their board alongside three other players to collect thousands of dice and a wild sticker. Let’s check out how the Tycoon Racers event works and how you can score points right now.

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All Tycoon Racers rewards in Monopoly GO

Unlike your typical Partners, Peg-E prize drop, or banner event, Tycoon Racer rewards appear as you complete laps around your Monopoly board and at the end of your three races. As you compete against other groups, you’ll advance through races, rewarding you with items based on your ranking. You can also pick up random prizes as you complete laps, giving you a consistent method of obtaining flags, dice, and cash.

With that said, below are the ranking prizes you’ll receive at the end of Tycoon Racers, depending on how many medals you receive during your three races:

  • First place: 3,500 dice, a Wild Sticker, and The Tycoon Racer board token
  • Second place: 1,000 dice and a five-star sticker pack
  • Third place: 500 dice and a four-star sticker pack
  • Fourth place: 175 dice
Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers prize list
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You’ll receive a grand prize of a Wild Sticker, 3,500 dice, and the Tycoon Racer board token by collecting the most medals by the event’s end. In other words, although this event eats away at your dice quickly, it’s a solid opportunity to get another wild sticker to complete your album collections.

Throughout the event, you and your partners will also complete laps around the racetrack. As you reach different milestones, you’ll obtain additional prize options, ranging from 100 dice to more Tycoon Racers flags.

How to score points during Monopoly GO’s Tycoon Racers event

Much like Partners events, scoring points during Tycoon Racers requires collecting flags and spinning a points wheel. As you obtain flags from banner events, quick wins, and tournament prizes, you can head into your Tycoon Racers event menu to find a points spinner.

Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers dice
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By changing your multiplier and tapping on the dice popper, you’ll roll dice based on how many flags you have. The points you receive depend on the sum of the dice, so the result is entirely luck-dependent. You also team up with three other players, who’ll all collect points simultaneously to advance you through the race.

What is Tycoon Racers in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO’s Tycoon Racers event is an iteration of Partners events that allows you to team up with three players instead of having several individual partners. By working together with three other people, you’ll race against other teams around a race track, collecting various boosts and small rewards as you complete laps. The rewards you win for each race depend on who gains the most points and who receives the most medals at the very end.

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