Monaco creator reveals arcade RTS title Tooth and Tail

Formerly Lead to Fire

Last year, we reported that Monaco developer Pocketwatch Games was taking on the real-time strategy genre with Armada, a streamlined game whose complexity stems from “an emphasis on improvisation and reactive play over practiced build orders.” It’s designed to be playable (and even enjoyable) with a gamepad, which I found intriguing. I also liked the sound of speedy skirmishes.

But Armada was just a codename; the project eventually became known as Lead to Fire. While I’ve wanted to talk about it since then, the generic title and placeholder art made that difficult. Those aren’t problems any longer now that it’s called Tooth and Tail and the art direction is locked in.

So much better!

The game is expected to hit PC next year, “unless we do early access,” and it’ll likely come to consoles as well. With all of that out of the way, let’s watch these little animals run.

Jordan Devore
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