Molyneux talks new game, still insists on its purity

In an interview with Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux elaborated on his upcoming, unannounced game. In addition to his details from last week about the title encompassing a “single, pure thought,” Molyneux said that his new title would be “very, very different” and “ridiculously ambitious.”

From the interview:

We’ve actually been working on another project now for a while, and obviously it’s ridiculously ambitious, but it’s ridiculously ambitious in a very simple way. It’s a simple and pure idea, and very, very different to anything I’ve done before.

Molyneux mentioned that he won’t be willing to go into detail about the title until next year when the game is closer to completion, but added that the title is indicative to Lionhead’s body of work. He also expounded the point that Lionhead will need to find a way to traverse the industry and make this “pure” title relevant to audiences.

What do you guys think this new title will consist of? Do you think it will break ground, or is as special as Molyneux is pitching?

Brad BradNicholson