Molyneux fears ‘trouble,’ doesn’t confirm a PC Fable 2 release

Will Fable 2 ever hit the PC? In a recent interview, the usually outspoken Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux remained somewhat tight-lipped about the possibilities of bringing Fable 2 to the PC. He told VideoGamer that Lionhead didn’t announce a PC version of the original Fable immediately and therefore there is no “announcement either positive or negative on a PC version of Fable 2…”

When pressured, Molyneux didn’t change his tune:

You see you said all the ‘maybes’ and ‘mights’ there — I’ll leave that with you! But these are the sorts of things, as you can imagine, I get into an enormous amount of trouble for. I have to be very careful!

It basically reads as a confirmation without the actual confirmation. Even though I tripped over PC gaming’s grave last week while I was walking around the cemetery (don’t ask), I can’t imagine that Fable 2 wouldn’t hit the platform if Lionhead was willing to port the title. What do you guys think? Would you play Fable 2 on the PC?

Brad BradNicholson