Molyneux basing his next game on a ‘single pure thought’

In an interview with MTVMultiplayer, Peter Molyneux revealed that his next game after Fable 2 would derive from a single source. The source is what he describes as a “single pure thought” that is “so simple, it’s actually far more terrifying…”

As the majority of you may already know, Peter Molyneux has been on a pretty short leash since the debacle that was the original Fable hype. He wouldn’t divulge more information on his next game, but one could assume that Molyneux is aiming for a more casual experience. The breadcrumb trails, loveable dogs, and one-button attack combos in Fable 2 would certainly evidence Molyneux’s trend as of late.

If I were to design a game on one thought I would instantly go with pie. I think about pie quite a bit, and I think the subject matter begs for a game. As for what a player would do in a pie game, I can’t speculate. That would require more than one thought. Let’s hope Mr. Molyneux was able to formulate a plan perfectly with his.

Brad BradNicholson