Mod Wii, watch Talladega Nights

Wii owners who have been dying to watch Talladega Nights on Nintendo’s console can finally rejoice! The l33t software coders with Team Symbiote have released a full DVD movie software solution for the Wii. 

Getting it to work couldn’t be easier — simply burn the application to a disc, and boot it on a modified Wii console. Once loaded, swap the disc out with a current DVD movie and there you have it: The worst DVD player in your house. Much easier than using an actual machine that was intended to play DVD movies.

Destructoid does not condone modifying your Wii console (it’ll void the warranty!), and we also don’t condone pointless mods and software like this. Our hats are off to the talented folks working as Team Symbiote, but when you can buy a decent upscaling DVD player for less than the cost a single Wii game, this is absolutely idiotic.

Wake me up when someone mods a Wii so that it’ll help me tone up my quads. Wait a minute … !

[Thanks, TheGoldenDonut]

Nick Chester