MobZombies, the next step in the evolution of undead gaming

What’s this? A game that could potentially burn more calories than Wii Sports and it has zombies in it? Get me on the horn with Gold’s Gym; I have to cancel my membership!

MobZombies makes a good case for pasty faced, overweight horror fans and gamers to get their bodies into beach shape. The premise of the game is quite simple — you run away from an ever increasing number of zombies, planting bombs along the way to save your ass. Nothing special, right?

But there’s a unique twist — MobZombies is played on a portable device, along with a custom motion sensors. Players use a unique controller called their “legs” to move around in the real-world. The movements of the character on screen will correspond with what the player does in real-time, as they try to avoid real-world hazzards like trees, old people, and hookers.

The unit seen in the above video (set to the soothing sounds of Goblin’s classic soundtrack for Dawn of the Dead) is a Sony UX series computer (not a PSP), along with their custom motion sensor. Don’t have one of those? Me neither, but don’t worry — according to one of the game’s programmers, Aaron Meyers, a cell phone version is in the works; it will use a custom Bluetooth motion sensor that will somehow be strapped to the players waist.

The game not only sounds like a lot of fun, but innovative (and dangerous) as well. All of that aside, they had me at “zombies.”

Nick Chester