Mobility is life in Tron: Evolution

In Tron: Evolution, “mobility is life.” This according to a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming game, where the title’s developer talks about combat, keeping the player moving at all times, and the game’s fast-paced light cycle sequences.

The “mobility of life” mantra spreads through the entire game, from the Capoeira-style combat to the free running-inspired platforming. For instance, in order to keep the player in motion, life can be restored by running across strips found on the walls of the game’s environments. Hopping over certain objects can also give you energy for your special items, as well.

Based on this new footage, it looks like they’ve nailed that, at the very least. The game’s combat, platforming, and vehicle gameplay looks like it moves at a perpetual and blinding pace. We’ll see how it comes together when Tron: Evolution hits shelves on December 7.

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