Mobile gaming gone right

I’m glad that the last half decade has shown a sort of shift of acceptance for things like videogames and geek culture, and I’m just as glad that some creative people have the balls and brains to create these weird hybrid devices.  I definitely have enough geek pride to rock either one of these modified mobile phones, but I could see how they wouldn’t be for everyone.

Gizmodo features two different frankenphones, with each featuring some kind of game functionality.My favorite is definitely the combination of a 1981 Octopus Nintendo Game & Watch handheld with a sleek, slim keitai. The two are somehow fused together in some kind of communications/retro gaming ultra-device that I’d love to hold to the side of my head. I would use that phone with pride.

The WiiPhone is no slouch, though. This looks more like the offspring of two devices than the Game & Watch fusing. Notice how the maker worked to leave a place for his phone camera lens to peek out. I don’t know if this device is fully functional as a game controller, but I keep imagining someone speaking on the phone while tossing his head about to play a game at the same time. 

Which do you like better? And where is my DS phone at? 

Dale North