MLB 2K10: win big money for throwing a perfect game

Either 2K Sports (a) likes losing money or (b) is confident that the pitchers in MLB 2K10 can’t toss a perfect game. The studio is offering 1,000,000 bucks to the first person who records himself pitching a perfect as part of a contest with a point: apparently this year’s game is all about “pitchers vs. hitters,” like Madden NFL 10 was all about realism or whatever.

If that sounds like a thing you’d be willing to try, practice with the demo. It just hit Xbox LIVE this afternoon, and will appear on PSN March 4th. If you get good, and can manage to throw a perfect game in MLB 2K10 proper, you’ll be a proud owner of a lot of money. Remember: we told you about this thing. So, buy us this Hello Kitty toaster we’ve been wanting so long, would ya? It’s all we really want in life.

Brad BradNicholson