Miyamoto wants to know: What does Nintendo mean to you?

It seems like Nintendo is upping the market research ante by sending designer extraodinaire Shigeru Miyamoto to Yahoo! Answers to ask, “How old were you when you first heard the term ‘Nintendo’, and what does the name mean to you now?” 

The answers, all 2,600+ of them, are naturally varied and run the gamut from, “It means childhood,” to “It means awesomeness!” with a healthy mix of, “It means that kids are lazy and stupid today,” thrown in. Most of the responses are overwhelmingly positive — what a shock.

I’m not sure what Miyamoto hopes to glean from these answers, besides emphatic confirmation that gamers are getting older (every answer starts off with “4 or 5 years old”). Perhaps Shiggy just wants gamers to tell him the exact thing that analysts have been saying, except less boring. Or maybe asking people about Nintendo’s public image is more important that whether you like kittens or puppies better. 

In any case, it seems that people have responded positively to Miyamoto descending the hallowed peaks of Mount Fuji to ask their opinions. I can only speculate about how he will use this information or whether or not we’ll be seeing more questions from Yahoo! Answers.

So, answer Miyamoto to his e-face here, or just tell me in the comments. 

[Thanks, Dean!] 

Joseph Leray