Miyamoto disses PlayStation Home, breaks into Captain Obvious mode

I like to think of Shigeru Miyamoto as one of the kindest men on this planet. In fact, I honestly don’t think the dude has a mean bone in his tiny little body. So, when I see the Nintendo master talking a little smack, it naturally raises my eyebrow. Check out what Miyamoto said to the Mercury News about PlayStation Home:

“What they’re doing already exists in one form on the PC. Our focus is always to be different and do something that’s different. That’s why, even though, technically speaking, the Miis take advantage of the Internet, that isn’t our main focus. We are trying to do something that is different and create something that hasn’t been there before.”


Oh, but he didn’t stop there. Miyamoto went on to do his best Captain Obvious impression, saying that the Wii needs good games to survive:

“It depends on the software we create to make it appealing. Originally, people said Wii Sports was a fun game but it was simple. People would lose interest in it very quickly. We are finding people are still playing it.”

It’s not surprising to see Nintendo or Microsoft try to knock Sony down a notch. But come on, let’s nut muddy the waters even more — though it does make for great reporting.

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