Mirror’s Edge artwork for your fapping delight

I am not among the thousands who were prepared to drop their pants and jizz up a storm over a mere minute and fifty-five seconds of concept, but needless to say, Mirror’s Edge is theoretically a visually stunning affair backed up by some terrific ideas. It has the potential to be a killer title, so I expect this really pretty artwork to tent a few trousers upon viewing.

The art style is a breath of fresh air after all the depressing greys and browns that this generation has become famous for. While there’s nothing wrong with gritty, dirty realism, the bright colors and clean, sleek look of Mirror’s Edge’s environs is a joy to behold. If the game can play as good as it looks, we’re onto a winner — but that would require it to play damn well.

Time, quite unlike that girl you buried in the backyard, will tell.

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