MINDJACK pre-order bonus jacks into your mind

Just because no one is really talking about Square Enix’s MINDJACK, that’s not stopping the publisher from offering up special pre-order incentives, now is it?

Today, the pre-order “Ability Pack” was announced, which gets folks who pre-purchase the game the following in-game enhancements:

  • Unlimited Dash: Nothing to do with Stacey Dash, unfortunately, this will give you unlimited speed abilities.
  • Instant High Voltage: Sure, “Wanderer Mode” — which lets you travel as an electromagnetic wave to hunt down your next target — is cool and all. But what if you could dash while doing it? Pre-order now to avoid the disappointment of not being able to!
  • Elite FIA Soldier Suit: It’s a gold uniform for your soldier in the game; you’ll look great!

The content comes with pre-orders from Amazon.com, Best Buy, and GameStop. Choices are nice, eh? MINDJACK is out January 18 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; we’ll have more on the game soon, so stay tuned.

Nick Chester