Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor scans and fresh information

I’ve only just started getting into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney after all these years, so I marked out pretty hard when I heard that there was a Miles Edgeworth game in the works. He’s an absolute wanker in Phoenix Wright, so I can’t wait to play it!

Thanks to the fountain of knowledge that is Famitsu, some fresh details have emerged concerning Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor. The scans talk about two new characters in the game — Mikumo Ichijou who is a “self-proclaimed thief” and prosecutor Makoto Yuuki, who is described as a “Sports buff.”

The game is split between three separate phases — Investigation, Logic, and Confrontation. It sounds like the courtroom scenes that made the game famous are not prevalent here, but it’s promised that we still get all the fun of pressurizing people and cracking them with cold, hard logic. 

A playable demo is due to be available at the Tokyo Game Show. Expect more details then!

[Thanks, ScaryWomanizingPigMask]

James Stephanie Sterling