Microsoft wants You To Do Their Work For Them...


Uncle Master Chief Needs YOU! OK, so I haven't written anything in a while due to having damn near 3 jobs right now... But I saw this and felt the need to support my 360, once again. According to Megagames, Microsoft released XNA Game Studio Express which is a kit to create games on Windows that can be converted to XBOX 360 downloads later on. Read the whole article to see how schools are eager to use this in their curriculum. Microsoft may be the evil juggernaut that forces most of us to use it's operating systems, but it's as cunning as it gets, and this is more supporting evidence. This will surely give those interested in designing games another tool to learn and profit from. It almost seems like everyone wins. Upcoming developers get to create new games (Although I'm sure it would be on the scale of most Live Arcade games, but ya gotta start somewhere). Miscrosoft gets $100 a year for the program. Consumers get more choices. This is what America is all about and I commend Microsoft on this move, whether there are alterior motives or not (which there almost certainly are :P). What do you guys think? Is this going to be the next big video game economic breakthrough or just a waste of your Microsoft Points?

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