Microsoft to release a Mass Effect 2 Elite

Microsoft is set to capitalize on the release of Mass Effect 2 with an LE Elite console, according to an Australian press release dated January 18th.

Like the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 bundle, this ME2 bundle will contain two black wireless controllers, a 250 GB HD, a wired headset and a Mass Effect 2 disc.

According to the official release information, nerds will be able to grab this thing for $559 RRP at “participating retailers.” We’re not sure what $559 Down Under Moon Bucks translates to in American dollars, and at this point, we’re can only assume this bundle will make the jump stateside. I did the safe thing and asked and will update when a response comes. Until then, just believe.

Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition Console Announced [The Game Vine]

Brad BradNicholson