Microsoft to allow dedicated servers for Section 8

Microsoft plans to allow users to create their own servers for the multiplayer component of Section 8. According to official release, players will be able to set up their own digs using their Windows-based PCs and the X server software free when the game launches this September. SouthPeak Interactive plans to set up their own dedicated X servers as well, both of which will support up to 32 players.

We’re a little confused by this one, but it appears the traditional Xbox LIVE peer-to-peer connectivity will allow for the same amount of players in a match. We put in an e-mail to publisher Southpeak Interactive just to make sure.

We have a silly grin on our faces about this one. We’ve been in way too many latency-riddled rooms over the years. Bring on the dedicated servers, Microsoft. There’s hardly a soul on Xbox LIVE with a connection beefy enough to support multiplayer madness on the scale of 32 players.

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