Microsoft opening up its own retail chain

Microsoft might not be able to build a fully functioning console, but that hasn’t stopped the company from planning to open a string of official retail outlets across America. Will the buildings be made of thin cardboard and pieces of biscuit? Yes. Yes they will.

Former head of‭ ‬worldwide product distribution at‭ ‬DreamWorks Animation David Porter will be spearheading the new initiative.

“We’re working hard to transform the PC and Microsoft buying experience at retail by improving the articulation and demonstration of the Microsoft innovation and value proposition,” said Porter, in what is probably one of the most convoluted and confusing bits of salesman speak I’ve seen in a while. What exactly is the Microsoft innovation and value proposition, and where can I get some?

So far, details are thin on the ground regarding store locations, numbers and products.  Some recent concept art for the store shows plenty of Xbox 360 stuff. Hey, maybe the store could offer Xbox repairs — you could guarantee a vast amount of business that way.

Jim Sterling