Microsoft: Motion control will ‘become the norm’

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer believes that motion control is destined to be an obligatory part of videogames, eventually becoming as essential as multiplayer. Excuse me while I’m sick into a little bag.

“Much like with multiplayer, I think it will become the norm,” claims Spencer. “If you are a racing game without multiplayer the game just didn’t sell. We think that motion control, we think voice recognition, should become a part of gaming as well.”

Should it? Is motion control really as desirable a feature as industry executives believe it to be, and should waggle support be as widespread and accepted as traditional control input? I still can’t help but wonder if most of these motion controllers are destined to end up in charity shops and flea markets once the craze has died down. After all, motion control is nothing new. Sega was doing it with it’s Genesis Activator pad back in the nineties. 

Look how successful that turned out to be.

Jim Sterling