Microsoft motion control price chart based on fantasy

Hey, remember those charts from the beginning of this console generation that compared the “true” price of each hardware after you figured in extra controllers, online service plans, and a 30-year fixed rate mortgage? The charts that that respective platform holders would try to tip in their favor to make their stuff look like the cat’s pajamas? Don’t you miss those?

Microsoft only just officially announced the price of it’s Kinect motion control device this morning, and already it’s playing The Price Is Right. A company-released pair of charts, the first of which can be seen above and the other which is in the gallery below, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their motion control implementation is the cheapest option whether you are a current multi-console owner or planning on making your first gaming purchase.

I could fill a few pages with what’s wrong in these charts, but let’s hit the obvious. Is the Wii Balance Board a necessary purchase? Aren’t the Sony Navigation Controllers completely optional? And what if you only want to play single-player? In that case, you’d only need one controller, but you are still paying the equivalent of two with Kinect!

Maybe Microsoft would have done better to compare against a four-player setup… oh, wait….

Microsoft’s Take On The Cost of Motion Gaming [Kotaku]

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