Microsoft making NXE a mandatory install

Don’t like the New Xbox Experience? Tough. Microsoft will be making the NXE mandatory for every Xbox 360 user, even those who don’t have their console connected to Xbox Live. Taking a page from the PSP handbook of annoyance, firmware updates will ship with retail discs, forcing an installation of the NXE before the game can be played.

The original blade dashboard will henceforth be wiped from the face of the planet like some vile stain, starting with the release of HAWX this Friday, along with MLB: 2K9

While I don’t think this is especially outrageous or anything, it’s interesting that Microsoft wants to make sure the original dashboard is completely eradicated. Maybe they’re hoping the allure of the NXE will be enough to get unconnected users saddled with Xbox Live. 

Whatever, so long as Microsoft doesn’t start pulling the same bullsh*t that the PSP does with its ridiculously regular firmware updates, there’s no reason to worry about it.

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