Microsoft: Kinect won’t be the next 32X

Speaking to Microsoft Game Studios corporate VP Phil Spencer, Edge got some choice quotes about Kinect. The oft-forgotten Sega 32X was, hilariously enough, brought up during the conversation.

“It’s a long term commitment from us, it’s not an accessory. This is us adding to our platform, just the way we added live to the platform, and now it’s pervasive across everything we do, Kinect we expect to show up in exactly the same way. It will not be the 32X,” assures Spencer.

Another interesting point was mentioned — Kinect would be a seemingly natural fit for arcades. “We have no plan,” Spencer admits.

“But as the technology and experiences evolve, it will be an interesting area to keep an eye on. I would hope that we would have the level of success that Kinect would be perceived as a natural addition to their in home and out of home experiences.”

Interview: Phil Spencer [Edge Magazine]

Jordan Devore
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