Microsoft: Kinect is as fast as pushing a button

The meh men out there were quick to discount Kinect’s tracking after they got their hands on (off?) Microsoft’s motion sensing technology, saying that on screen it lagged behind your real world motions. Of course, Microsoft wants you to know that their tracking is tight and fast, and not laggy.

Kinect frontman Kudo Tsunoda told Xbox360Achievements that it’s actually as fast as hitting a button on a controller:

“We’ve done tests back at the office where we have a TV, flash a light on the screen and we’ll have a controller, and have someone there hitting a button, and someone with Kinect clapping as soon as they see the light on the screen, and both things go just as fast as one another.”

That means we should expect 1:1 control when this all goes down in November. Don’t take my word for it, though.

Tsunoda adds: “We already have the 1:1 stuff working really well and the response time is just as fast as pushing a button or making a gesture.”

I’m sure they’ve done tests that are a bit more technical than clapping. I hope so, at least.

MS: Kinect capable of 1:1, fast as ‘pushing a button’ [CVG]

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