Microsoft justifies charging for XBL even though Games for Windows Live is free

With Steam doing so well these days, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft realized that the majority of PC gamers will never, ever pay to play games online.

Now that Games For Windows LIVE is free and its console counterpart Xbox LIVE isn’t, it’s only natural that people get up in arms. GFW LIVE Head Kevin Unangst spoke to Gamasutra to try and explain the whole situation.

He says that the PC focuses on game content, whereas the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is all about multimedia, not just game expansions or DLC add-ons. Plus, it’s not like there are any alternatives to online gaming on the 360 like there are on PC.

Yes, we’d all love to have free Xbox LIVE, but that’s not going to happen so long as the service remains as popular as it is today. Oh well, I guess paying $50 a year isn’t that bad for what’s offered.

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