Microsoft hopes Xbox Live won’t fail this year

Do you remember the great Xbox LIVE blackout of 2007? Thanks to the holiday season, along with huge titles like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4, the Xbox 360’s much-lauded online service wasn’t being online a whole lot last year. Microsoft has suggested that this won’t happen again, and I’m sure we are all as confident.

“We’ve built a lot of infrastructure, a lot of behind the curtain no one sees,” claims MS’ Aaron Greenburg. “This is something that Microsoft is good at.”

Clearly, the Microsoft that Aaron works at and the Microsoft we buy things from is NOT the same company. But enough of such banter, what else does Aaron have to say?

“We are well prepared for the type of growth we expect this holiday. We will have people standing by, more people on hand than we’ve ever had before. Knock on wood we will hopefully not have any issues.”

Considering Microsoft couldn’t accurately predict that it might need more servers after releasing Halo 4 and CoD4, I’m not filled with confidence when MS says it’s prepared for its own predictions. We shall see how it goes, though. This Christmas demands Gears of War 2 matches, and by God, she will have them. 

Knock on wood.

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