Microsoft drops 120 GB Xbox 360 hard drive down to $149

With way too many LIVE Arcade titles, demos, various betas, videos, Rock Band DLC, and the forthcoming ability to install games directly onto your hard drive, I think it might be about time for me to upgrade my current 20 GB HDD.

Like many of you who bought the Xbox 360 at launch, I haven’t gotten the 120 GB HDD primarily because it’s just too damn expensive. But now, to coincide with the latest 360 price drops, the hard drive has also seen a cut in price.

GameDaily confirmed with Microsoft that the 120 GB hard drive will now go for $149 instead of the previous $179. While I would never call that a good deal by any means, it’s not like there are many (any?) alternatives available.

Who else is dreading the day when you’ll be forced to buy a new hard drive?

Jordan Devore
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