Microsoft ‘confident’ in hardware quality … glad somebody is

There’s a fine line between confidence and ignorance, and it seems that Microsoft is willing to skate along that line with all the grace of a testicle. While gamers are faced with the constant worry of their consoles perishing on them, Microsoft coolly presides over its parade of the dead and tells the world that we shouldn’t panic. With Microsoft, everything’s going to be okay.

“[MS] feel very confident in the quality of the consoles that we are producing,” stated Shane Kim, instantly making Xbox 360 owners everywhere feel a million times happier about their fragile hardware. “Customers should be confident that we are applying the same focus and commitment to quality in our hardware as we are to our software and services.”

That last sentence doesn’t make me feel any better, by the way. Not by a long shot.

“We certainly regret the issues that some customers have experienced with Xbox 360, which is why we took the step of extending our warranty to an unprecedented three years,” Kim continued. “Our hardware experience and talent continue to grow.”

Ah, okay. Now everything is fine.

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