Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ PS3 bundle revealed

Even after death, Michael Jackson has found a way to get into small boys’ bedrooms. While you don’t often see movies and PS3s bundled together, Sony has not let slide an opportunity to capitalize on Michael Jackson’s death, tossing the mawkish This Is It movie into a PlayStation 3 box. 

Sony Pictures is publishing the film on Blu-ray and DVD, so has seen fit to offer a package that includes the film, a PS3 system, a DualShock 3, and all the essential cables. Unfortunately, a PS3 with Michael Jackson’s face on it has not been commissioned, even though it’s black and plastic, which would have been perfect. 

The bundle hits Japan on January 27. We await word on a US release. 

This Is It, The Michael Jackson PS3 Bundle [Kotaku]

Jim Sterling