Michael Bay to make FPS — RevAnthony begins sobbing

Yes, apparently it’s true. The L.A. Times did a feature on Digital Domain, which is a special effects company headed up by the Armageddon-tastic director Michael Bay. Yes, Mr. lips-on-Transformers Bay. So, the article mentions this early on:

Bay’s first-person shooter game is part of a larger strategy to transform Digital Domain Inc., where he is now co-chairman, from one of Hollywood’s elite special-effects houses into a full-blown production studio, capitalizing on the convergence between games and feature films.

Yep, Michael Bay is making a first person shooter. I can guarantee that the game, instead of having too many cinematics, will have too many explosions. Closing a door behind you: explosions. Using a keycard: explosions. Reloading ammo: explosions. Setting off thermonuclear device: no explosion, because you have to rewire the damned thing.

What’s more, Digital Domain will be buying up some game studios.

Mindful of that trend, Digital Domain is building its own games unit and plans to acquire one or more game firms this year. The games would mostly be tied to Digital Domain’s visual-effects projects, appealing to a range of styles and genres.

Look out, Rockstar. I admit that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, what with the announcement of Spielberg’s Wii game and all, but let’s just say that I’m apprehensive. The FPS is a genre that certainly gears itself towards action and visuals over a well developed plot — and hell, I’m sure Bay’s game will be better than Red Steel.

[Thanks a ton for this, Nathan]

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