Metal USB controller seems useless

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a practical use for videogame peripherals. Recently, Engadget (via technabob) showcased the aptly named “USB Metal Game Pad” that is being offered at Dream Cheeky. The controller is your typical USB SNES controller redesign with rubber grip. It’s for the PC and Macintosh platforms.

Other than recapturing that unjustifiable desire to get back into Day Dreamin’ Davey, I can’t figure out why a company would offer this controller. My only guess is that it can double as a decent bludgeoning tool when not plugged into your computer. In fact, I think this thing could flatten a chicken breast quite well.

If only someone would release a controller that really doubled as something useful around the house. It would be nice to have a controller that can bake cookies. Imagine jamming on a game then getting the sudden urge for a sugar cookie. One tap of a special button and a cookie with a hint of almond extract pops out to sate your desire.  I want that controller.

Brad BradNicholson