Delisted Metal Gear titles set to return for 35th anniversary

metal gear 35th anniversary konami delisted


Today is the 35th anniversary of one of the most influential, genre-defining, and beloved franchises in video game history, Metal Gear. That’s 35 years of crawling around in military bases, dodging spotlights, hiding in the backs of trucks and under boxes, and sitting through seemingly endless codec conversations about what date it is. And it’s been one hell of a journey, I’m sure you’ll agree.

While Konami has not seen fit to do anything interesting with the license since series creator Hideo Kojima left the company, the publisher has announced that it is preparing to re-launch some of the series’ M.I.A. titles, that were discontinued from sale back in November 2021. At the time, Konami noted that there were licensing issues due to the use of real-life documentary footage in certain games, that the publisher was hoping to renew.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Konami noted that the delisted titles would be returning very soon, though it chose not to mention any of the specific games themselves by name. Is this all we will be seeing in regards to the iconic franchise’s anniversary year? Quite possibly, while Konami is wont to hang on to the brand for obvious financial gain, the studio seems increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of producing new titles with Kojima being a key player in the title’s development. Happy anniversary, please buy these games again. Kind of an anticlimatic anniversary.

Regardless, here’s to the 35th birthday of an undeniable, indelible, 100% genuine game-changer.

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