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Meow Meow Happy Fight coming to App Store


Everybody wants to be happy. But what would happen if everyone actually was? How would we be able to appreciate all the joy without having pain, destruction and misery to put it into context? Would we, through our ultimate happiness, actually be miserable? How would we even know?

Thank God we have Happy Cat to look out for us. Meow Meow Happy Fight is the story of how Happy Cat saved us all from a blissful future. It's also a dual-stick shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch packed with a variety of playable characters and adorable art design.

The iPod isn't a platform that I'd particularly want to play a dual-stick shooting game on but the game does look like a lot of fun. If Big Pixel Studios were to get it on a console, I'd totally be there. This looks delightful. Meow Meow Happy Fight releases on August 5th.

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