Mekuri Master: Making sexual assault fun again!

If you were a game publisher and I pitched the below idea to you, what would you think?

“Okay, so I have the best idea for a videogame. You play as a cool guy wearing a trench coat, okay? And you run into a school and try to lift up as many girls’ skirts as possible. Now, the difficulty level will be on a scale of one to five panties. One being the easiest, of course. Hehehe. Yeah, I said panties. Oh, and there will be a couple of bonus levels. One of them will have you lifting skirts for bread and the other one will have you feeling up a bronze statue. Yeah, I like bread. Hehehe. Oh, and you can also get cool power-ups to, ya’ know, lift up more skirts and stuff. Hehehe. So, what do you think?” *wipes sweat covered brow*

Raving lunatic? Dirty old man? Both? Well, you are absolutely right in thinking the idea is certifiable, but, surprisingly, it actually exists in the form of flash game Mekuri Master. And you kind of have to click here right now to play it. Seriously, click. Right now. It is amazing.

Jim Sterling thinks he may have found the greatest flash game ever, but I think Mekuri Master may give it a run for its money. If anything, it is definitely the creepiest, right?

What do you think? Amazing or ridiculously amazing?

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