Meijer’s pretty sure 360 Elite will be $100 cheaper soon

According to a image from a Meijer’s catalog obtained by Kotaku, it looks like the Xbox 360 Elite models will be receiving a price cut on or around August 30. 

The catalog claims that the 120GB Xbox 360 Elite console will have a new, lower price — $299.99. That’s $100 less than the current MSRP of the 120GB Elite, and the current price of the 60GB Pro model. This lends credence to earlier rumors that the Pro is being yanked from retail, leaving only the Elite and Arcade models standing. No word on the Arcade — which retails at $199.99 — could see a price cut as well, but that would be ridiculous.

Of course, until Microsoft confirms the cut, this is still a rumor. However, it’s looking more and more likely, so there’s little doubt we’ll get the official word soon.  

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