Mega64: Bungie hurts Cabela … AGAIN!

Remember when Cabela’s Trophy Bucks came out in 2007? If you say yes, then you’re a f**king liar. It was the same week that Halo 3 came out, so of course you don’t remember. The Cabela guys found this out too late, though, and needless to say, Bungie ruined their party.

Well, it looks like Bungie did it again. Those jerks are releasing Halo 3: ODST tomorrow, the SAME DAY that Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2010 is coming out. The Cabela guys thought it was safe to release their new game, but it seems like Bungie wants to do nothing more than to destroy the poor developers behind the animal hunting series. 

The Cabela guys try to stop Halo 3: ODST from going on sale, but are unsuccessful. You can watch them try after the break. 

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