Mega Man needs your help!

Robots are always competing against each other. It’s just in the very fabric of their being. In order to aid them in this the Robot Hall of Fame inducts real and fictional robots into their ranks every year and does it through a knock down drag out election. The nominees for induction in 2011 (the 2010 ones have already been announced) are some pretty big hitters including Optimus Prime, Bender and the Blue Bomber himself. Right now Mega Man is behind Bender by a good amount so it is our duty as gamers to get him into first and keep him there throughout the year.

Capcom is asking the gaming world to do its part in getting the greatest gaming robot ever into the lead. To tell the truth though, as far as fictional robots go I would have to give it to Optimus Prime before Mega Man. Now don’t shoot me, its just a matter of opinion, but Mega Man only taught me how to jump on vanishing blocks while Optimus Prime taught me how to live life with weekly PSAs. Also, we encourage everyone to toss in a nomination for Mr. Destructiod as he is truly the greatest robot of them all.

[Via Tubatic’s Cblog]

Matthew Razak