Mega Man III now available on mobile phones

Capcom continues pimping the Blue Bomber, with Mega Man III releasing for cell phones today. Calling it a “faithful translation,” the only real change is the addition of a savepoint feature that allows players to stop the game and pick it back up at a more convenient time. The game is available for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T services.

As if anyone needed reminding, this is the first game in the series to feature Rush and introduces Mega Man’s ability to slide. It’s also the last time the Robot Masters made any real sense. You can practically see the designers starting to stretch with Top Man.

The mere thought of trying to control Mega Man with a phone’s keypad makes my fingers curl up and seize. I can’t imagine this would be at all fun to try and play, but I’m sure there’s someone out there buying these because they keep putting them out. Is anyone actually going to pick this up?

[Via MarketWatch]

Conrad Zimmerman