Mega Man 9 opening ‘cinematic’ will push retro fetishists into overdrive

Remember the good old days of videogame cutscenes, where static images and text combined with plinky-plonky music to tell the epic stories of the day? Well it’s time to relive those days, as Mega Man 9 continues its quest to make retro gamers squirt their bollock cheese ten times a day for the next year.

The above video is the opening “cinematic” for Capcom’s WiiWare/PSN/XBLA 8-Bit revival. For obvious reasons, don’t watch it if you’re not after “zomg spoilers.” Instead, allow me to bravely watch it ahead of you and bring back the good news for all retro fans:

This video is everything you want.

[Thanks, Power Glove]

James Stephanie Sterling