Mega Man 9 gets a Japanese release date

Retro fans are loading the Fap Cannon in anticipation of Mega Man 9, and it seems that the Japanese ones will be able to jizz all over their controllers in a little under two weeks’ time. Yep, Mega Man 9 is coming to WiiWare in Japan on September 24.

Mega Man 9 will sell for 1000 Wii Points, and there is not yet word on the Xbox Live or PSN releases. Also, nothing is yet confirmed for Western gamers, but if they’re lucky, a release on this side of the world can’t be too far off.

Hopefully it’s out in America soon. I really can’t stand seeing our own Chad Concelmo like this. Every morning he wakes up and looks out of the window screaming: “Is it here yet? Is it here yet?” We still don’t know why he’s looking out of the window when it’s a downloadable title, either.

James Stephanie Sterling