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Like Conrad, I'm a little worried about Mega Man 10. Ever since I heard that Capcom wants to make the game as good as Mega Man 4 (my least favorite game in the series), I've had the feeling that Mega Man 10 might suck. Some think that all Mega Man games are created equal. Not so. A good Mega Man game features likable bosses, creative level design, and music so good that you wont mind being constantly murdered then forced to replay levels over and over again. The crap games just feel like cheap imitations of Mega Man 2.

Looks like Capcom may have at least one of their bases covered. These bosses have officially won me over with their bios. When I first saw him, Chill Man seemed like just another ice-based Mega Man boss, but now that I know that he's a published photographer, I love him. I just hope Sheep Man doesn't quit his teaching job. The economy in the year 20XX is way too unpredictable to risk unemployment.

Also, Nitro Man looks badass in bike form. His fellow transforming Mega Man bosses Turbo Man and Charge Man look like total nerds by comparison.

Hit the jump for bios on all eight new Mega Man bosses, and peruse the gallery to see them in action.

Get to know your Mega Man 10 Robot Masters [The Mega Man Network]

[Update: For those that doubt the validity of these fan-made translations, looks like Capcom has put up this slightly difference take on the same content. Looks like Blade Man talks to much FOR REAL.]


Commando Man: A robot created for removing land mines. His typical work involves operating bombs by remote control to take out a series of mines at once. He receives many requests for activity around the world, and is often very busy. It’s said he enjoys tasting the oil from different parts of the world. His special weapon is Command Bomb, which creates a powerful explosion.

Nitro Man: A stunt robot who’s worked on movies and television. With his expert riding technique, he answers the demands of even the most dangerous directors. He’s also the leader of a 60 member robot stunt club. He can transform into a motorcycle and race around at high speed.

Blade Man: Created as a guide robot for a castle at a world heritage site. The castle’s lord was an immense sword enthusiast, which is how Blade Man got his design. He’s incredibly knowledgeable of weapons and blades, and once he gets talking about them he tends not to stop. This sometimes makes tourists grow tired and leave. He can speedily move around as if he were dancing about the air.

Sheep Man: Originally a robot created to manage sheep on a ranch. One day he became aware of the static electricity stored in his wool, and changed careers to giving lessons about static resistance at a circuit board factory. However, he’s gotten wary of this and is considering changing jobs again. He can divide his body into cloud-like puffs and rain down static electricity like lightning.

Solar Man: A robot that worked at an artificial sun research establishment. He is able to create ultra-hot pseudo suns. Because his companions tended to shut them selves away in the laboratory, he insisted on a “solar exercise” program that he devised. He is able to absorb attacks within the pseudo sun he creates above his head.

Chill Man: A robot created to observe nature in the arctic circle. His chief work is keeping tabs on the melting of glaciers due to global warming. His hobby is photography, and has published his photographs of nature’s splendor on the internet in hopes of appealing to the importance of nature. His weapon, Chill Spike, can freeze Mega Man fast to the ground.

Strike Man: The batting practice robot for a stadium. He gets in a bad mood if someone can hit all the different pitches he’s able to throw. There are occasions where he’s been sent to the maintenance factory for hospitalizing opponents he doesn’t like with dead balls. He can leap high into the air and throw his Rebound Striker, a powerful fastball.

Pump Man: A robot that worked as the cleaning manager of a water treatment facility. At first glance he appears to be an outdated robot, but he can freely manipulate water and can create water balls with powerful rotation. He is a neat freak, and has volunteered in cleaning off graffiti in town. By manipulating water he can create his Water Shield and block Mega Man’s attacks.

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