‘Meet’ Bruce Willis in Second Life … or not, y’know

Ever wanted to pretend to meet Bruce Willis? Now you can! To celebrate the upcoming release of Live Free or Die Hard, those fellas at Fox are offering contestants a chance to meet with Mr. McClane himself, to lucky winners with the inclination and time on their hands to take the Die Hard Fan Quiz.

Why am I wasting everybody’s time talking about that? Because you won’t get to physically meet him. Instead, you will have the distinct pleasure of chatting with the man through the medium of Second Life.

That’s right, the “3D Virtual World” used predominantly (if not exclusively) as a global virtual sex marathon will host a clandestine meeting with the action movie star Bruce Willis or, more accurately, a hairy, greasy pedophile claiming to be Bruce Willis.  

If your life’s ambition has been to answer five questions about Die Hard in order to speak to somebody who thinks they’re Bruce Willis over the internet, then this is the contest of your dreams. Why, they’ll even make the Second Life account for you.

I know you’re tempted … you’re gagging for it.

[Thanks to Knives]


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