Math shows us when we’ll be getting new Battlefield levels

In their ongoing attempt to try to use math to seem smarter than other blogs around these here internets, MTV Multiplayer has once again used mathematics to come up with a relatively interesting story. It may be the case that you have not yet had a chance to play Battlefield 1943 because of a few issues here and there with the game’s launch and the overwhelming amount of people wanting to play it. However, the servers have now calmed down and the kill counts are in with over 5 million kills being counted since EA released the info yesterday.

How long does that mean it will take for us to get to 43 million kills and thus unlock “Coral Sea,” the game’s fourth map? Multiplayer did some factoring and figuring, and if we say around 3 million of those kills were from the 360 version (considering install base and not factoring in LIVE’s greater popularity) than it will take about two weeks to get the new level with the counts starting today. On PSN it should take about three weeks.

But wait, the game launched midweek and lost a bucket load of players thanks to the myriad of issues with the launch. So, if we factor in the weekend spike, then make sure we consider the new people that can play now that the server issues are hopefully over… carry this six… divide by zero… figure out the cosine… yes, we should all be playing this level by three hours ago. Wait, I think my math was wrong. 

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