Massive Infinite Undiscovery screenshot blowout

It’s easy to miss the original RPG ideas coming out of Square-Enix, overshadowed as they constantly are by the likes of Final Fantasy, but the Tri-Ace developed Infinite Undiscovery is looking really classy, and a simultaneous worldwide release has gained many respect points from yours truly. 

Observe then, if you will, our bumper crop of Infinite Undiscovery screens. The main focus of the day is on fighting, and the vast majority of these images show off the battles that Undiscovery has in store for you. Note also, there is a shot of the notorious “Innuendo Dive,” which you’ll see is written out as “Diminuendo Dive.” Still, we could always pretend … and we bloody shall

Between this, The Last Remnant and of course Final Fantasy XIII, JRPG fans have a lot to look forward to. I can’t wait to lose a few hours to the androgynous screaming that only a Japanese role player can bring.

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