Mass Effect video will affect your mass

I really want to like Mass Effect. A good action/RPG is sorely needed, and anybody who doesn’t enjoy aliens is not worth knowing, but what I’ve seen of the combat looks really unappealing and I guess I’m just not as high on BioWare as everyone else seems to be. That said, I am still definitely striving to get into this game like the majority of you lot. It’s just a matter of waiting to be wowed.

You can tell from this scene that this is a BioWare game. The mapping of the dialog is very much like something you’d see from Jade Empire or KotoR. Honestly though, I see what Orcist is saying when it comes to facial expressions. They do look somewhat lifeless. That said, special attention has been clearly paid to the aliens, and that does show. With the game due in a matter of months, soon you can stop listening us grinches and enjoy all that alien sex.

[Thanks to TheGoldenDonut]

James Stephanie Sterling