Mass Effect species, the Krogan, like to get busy

Today Microsoft shot us word that they’re highlighting a new species, the Krogan, over at the official Mass Effect Web site. These reptilian pipeds are just one of the many species found within the game’s universe, and like most good sci-fi epics, they have a detailed back story and biology, both of which are detailed quite nicely.

“Four thousand years ago, at the dawn of the krogan nuclear age,” blah blah blah. “Weapons of mass destruction were unleashed,” okay whatever. “…primitive warring clans struggling to survive a nuclear winter of their own creation,” right sure.  “Krogan reproduce and mature at an astonishing rate,” fine okay.

Wait … what was that? They reproduced at an astonishing rate, eh? Excellent — a horny lizard species will populate the universe of Mass Effect. Lock up your daughters and place your pre-orders now.

Nick Chester