Mass Effect 2 surprise coming this week

Yes, it’s another story about an announcement for an announcement. You can insert whatever excuse (it’s the weekend, people want to know, Mass Effect 2 is a big game) you want here for reporting on it. According to the ME2 Facebook fan page a surprise announcement revealing something surprising will be hitting some time this week.

Chris Priestly (or his evil doppelganger) posted this news on the page: “Man, so much time tied up today in meetings and “secret stuff” I didn’t get any time with ME2 at all. =( Still with the coming surprise for next week on the ME2 website, I’m sure fans will forgive me for no update. Did I, Evil Chris Priestly, just drop a hint? Yes. Yes I did.”

What could it be? Let’s hope it is an announcement about how the game’s terrible box art is going to be changed to something that doesn’t look like the poster to a Hallmark move. Really, couldn’t you just see that thing captioned with “His struggles almost killed him, but then he found friendship, laughter and love?” You’d have to take the guns out of course, but I think I’m spot on there.

Matthew Razak