Marvel Snap is a new card game from some former Hearthstone developers

Marvel Snap

Marvel heroes and villains clash in card form

A new collectible card game is mixing superheroes and villains with some digital card game talent. Marvel Snap is a new CCG set in the Marvel universe, from a team founded by former Hearthstone developers.

In today’s reveal, we get a good look at the general art style before heading into some Marvel Snap gameplay. Snap is taking a multiverse approach, with tons of Marvel characters represented in card form.

Decks consist of 12 unique cards, as players duke it out over different cubes and zones. Both players play simultaneously, vying for cosmic cubes.

There are also multiple locations to win, and the ability to double-down if you think you’re sure to win. It has some Gwent vibes to it, which is a bit surprising. More cards and variants are also set to roll out, with different looks for the Marvel characters.

And Second Dinner assures that while it’s free-to-play, every card will be available through gameplay. It’s a mobile game, but the studio is also working towards an early access version for PC to line up with the global launch.

Snap your fingers

It’s an interesting debut for Second Dinner, a team founded by several former Hearthstone developers. Some familiar faces for longtime Hearthstone players pop up throughout today’s gameplay reveal, and it’s cool to finally see what they’ve been working on alongside Marvel and Nuverse.

There isn’t a hard date yet for launch, but a closed Android beta is currently open for sign-ups. You can submit yourself for the Marvel Snap Android closed beta here. And those who do get in won’t lose their progress, as closed beta progress will carry over into launch.

Marvel Snap looks like an interesting new part of Marvel’s larger games push. While we’ve seen single-player games like Guardians of the Galaxy to a card-driven tactical game in the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the portable quick-play potential of Marvel Snap certainly appeals to the card player in me.

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