Man stabbed to death over PlayStation … still?

A piece in the San Francisco Chronicle reveals that Sony’s console systems are still responsible for murderous violence and the sort of covetting that that Commandment was created in response to.

The story, which I had to read three times before I finally understood what went on, tells us that two women were trying to sell a “PlayStation” (it’s in quotes because we want to assume it was at least a PS3), the “PlayStation” was stolen from them, a man named Hani Attia tried to stop the thief and was subsequently stabbed for his trouble. Mr. Attia later died in the hospital.

It was one thing when people were being murdered over these things when they were hard to find, but since you can walk into most grocery stores and find PS3s piled up next to the cabbage aisle, is there any reason to be stabbing people for them? I guess if you were hard up enough for a speedball that you just had to lift something of value, the PS3 is a nice choice, but if your dealer is a real gamer, he’d probably ask you to pick him up an Xbox 360. 


Earnest Cavalli
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