Man shot during act of altruism; also, he might enjoy video games

The Sun (The UK’s answer to two old women gossiping over a clothesline) has a report, by way of, detailing the heroic acts of one Adam Mapleson. Mr. Mapleson came to the aid of a female security guard who was being robbed at a UK railway station, and, in the ensuing kafluffle was shot in the chest. He is currently in the hospital in serious, but stable, condition.

The article (both the version found in The Sun, and on Gamepolitics) makes a concerted effort to illustrate the fact that Mr. Mapleson is an avid gamer, with a specific preference toward games of the homocide-tastic Counterstrike variety. Why it feels the need to mention this is kinda baffling to me, but I suppose highlighting the fact that he has excellent bone structure or that he’s descended from gypsies wouldn’t add much to the ongoing stereotype of gamers; that is, that we spend two hours a day shooting monsters, and the rest of our time stabbing people’s heads off with our penises.

Dear every other journalist on the planet,

If we stop making such a concerted effort to categorize gamers as a subset of humanity, it would be much more difficult for politicians and lawmakers to demonize them as a whole.

Many smooches,


Earnest Cavalli
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